Coordination and Commissions


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Cerri
Vice-Coordinator:Prof. Dr. Roberto Santos Inoue

The Graduate Coordination (CPG), in addition to the coordinator and vice-coordinator, is composed of representatives from the research areas and students. The current composition of the CPG is:

Software Engineering, Database and Human-Computer Interaction

Holder: Marcela Xavier Ribeiro
Substitute: Fabiano Cutigi Ferrari

Artificial Intelligence Representative

Holder: Diego Furtado Silva
Substitute: Orides Morandin Junior

Image and Signal Processing Representative

Holder: Cesar Henrique Comin
Substitute: Ricardo José Ferrari

Representative of Distributed Systems and Computer Networks

Holder: Paulo Matias
Substitute: Hermes Senger

Student Representative

Holder: Elaine Cecília Gatto
Substitute: Hugo Almeida Sampaio