Databases (D)

The database is a research area dedicated to developing algorithms, theories, methods, and solutions for the storage, retrieval, and manipulation of large volumes of data. In addition, the Database area investigates problems related to extraction, integration, semantics, persistence, indexing, loading, and classification of large datasets. Among the main research topics in this area, the following stand out: unconventional databases, multimedia databases, spatial databases (geospatial, georeferenced or geographic), relational databases, NoSQL and NewSQL, parallel and distributed databases, cloud databases, biological and medical databases, educational databases, data mining, information retrieval, information extraction, approximate search, distance education (DE) support environments, geographic information systems, visualization of data, decision-making systems and business intelligence, data warehousing environments, data integration, ETL and ELT processes (data extraction, transformation, and load, data lakes), OLAP (online analytical processing) query processing, new data warehousing techniques (spatial data warehousing, image data warehousing, and big data warehousing) and data management.