Deadline Extensions

There are regulatory deadlines for the various stages of the course, which include taking the qualification exam and completing the course. In exceptional situations, these deadlines can be extended upon the student's manifestation and always with the advisor's knowledge. 

The extension must be requested accompanied by a detailed justification to the CPG, preferably before the deadline (30 days). For example, suppose a qualifying exam deadline is 01/03/2022. In this case, the request must be no later than 01/02/2022. CPG meetings generally take place on the first Wednesday of each month. 

The request includes a justification. We recommend including the papers already published and a schedule of actions to be carried out in this justification. If the reason is health problems, diagnoses, certificates, and other relevant documents should be included. For health problems, withdrawing enrollment should be considered. 

Attention: The extension of the defense deadline does not lead to an extension of the scholarship. For more information about deadlines, extensions, and also the registration lock, consult the PPGCC internal regulations and also the General Regulations of UFSCar Postgraduate Programs. The forms for making the request can be found in the PPGCC Forms Area.